Michael Donovan’s epic odyssey: from accidental filmmaker to Order of Canada
    IF you want to know where today’s vital Atlantic Canadian film industry really began, you could do worse than start on a train travelling through Europe in 1981. If this was an actual movie, we might begin with a close-up of a stack of film cans and then pull back to reveal a tall, thin sleeping man seated beside them. The sleeping man, who looks a little like a young Canadian actor Colm Feore, was Michael Donovan. Today, you may know Donovan as an Academy Award-winning documentary film producer, a Genie-nominated screenwriter, the executive producer of ground-breaking television series like
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    Three valuable pandemic pivot takeaways
    Take a mental step back in time to the beginning of March. Serial entrepreneur Lisa Drader Murphy is preparing to head to her home in France for some creative downtime. She’s also working on a new collection of designs for her self-named design house and anticipating a busy season for her hospitality enterprise. Terry Malley, the president and CEO of specialty vehicle manufacturer Malley Industries, was full throttle — but he sensed some storm clouds on his horizon. The coronavirus had already begun to affect Chinese manufacturing companies, some of whom were part of his supply chain. “We expected some
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    The Dawn Debate, Episode 1: can we put Covid-19 behind us and accelerate the reopening of the economy?
    Much of what we see on social media is comprised of malignant memes and sarcastic snapbacks. It’s our belief that divergent opinions are frequently closer than social media suggests. The Dawn Debate is a safe space for a respectful, thoughtful exchange of ideas. In this first episode, New Brunswick premier Blaine Higgs talks to Ed Hollett, a public policy consultant and author of The Sir Robert Bond Papers, about government responses to Covid-19 and whether we should accelerate the reopening of the economy. What's your point of view?Please note that comments will be moderated. Disagreements must be expressed courteously and
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    Telethon is gone but the kids are still here. How hospitals have changed the way they fund raise
    Consider it a perfect storm: at the same time that Covid-19 has healthcare workers and supplies more in demand — and their capacity stretched further — than ever before, it also forced hospitals to cancel their biggest fundraising initiative of the year: the annual telethon. The silver lining is a new, groundbreaking initiative by hospitals across Canada called The Frontline Fund. It’s a national coalition of more than 100 hospitals and foundations working together to raise urgently needed funds in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information or to make a donation, visit thefrontlinefund.ca It was inspired by
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